Fancy Dress as a Traffic Cone

Dressing up in fancy dress is great for a laugh and a bit of escapism. If you’ve got a big night out or party coming up, you might be thinking about your costume. Maybe you’ll go as a superhero, or your favourite movie character? Or maybe even traffic cone fancy dress…

Why choose traffic cone fancy dress?

Traffic cones by their very nature are serious pieces of equipment. They keep us safe from harm and they save lives. They are also designed to be eye-catching, and herein lies the main reason people choose them for fancy dress. They are a guaranteed show stopper on a student night out or a stag do. Also, if your friends are all dressed as bright orange and white cones, you definitely won’t lose each other in the crowd.

We can’t promise that it won’t be awkward when you have to navigate loo visits dressed as a giant cone, but don’t let that spoil your fun!

Traffic cone fancy dress-not just for parties

So dressing as a traffic cone catches the attention, and not just at parties, it seems. A former GP in Gosforth, Newcastle donned a traffic cone costume in protest at the installation of what he called ‘ugly’ bollards on the high street.

Installed in 2020 to make social distancing easier for pedestrians and cyclists, the bollards have attracted a lot of criticism. Residents say they have made traffic congestion worse and have put shoppers off visiting the area.

Former GP Doc Anand wore traffic cone fancy dress as he collected signatures on a petition calling for the bollards to be removed.

Have any celebrities dressed up as traffic cones?

Love it or hate it, there are some pretty ingenious costumes on ITV’s The Masked Singer. One contestant appeared in an hilarious traffic cone costume and their identity had viewers and the judges stumped. Comedian Rob Beckett took to Twitter to claim that he was the traffic cone. However, it turns out that was just part of a long running gag he started.

The actual singer behind the traffic cone was none other than Aled Jones, the voice  behind The Snowman theme tune. Speaking about his outfit, the singer said the traffic cone was a fun loving character with massive feet which made it hard for him to dance.

Where to buy Traffic cone fancy dress

Do a quick search online and you can find traffic cone fancy dress to suit all sizes and budgets. If you don’t fancy splashing out, you could put together a DIY version. We spotted a couple online who dressed as a traffic cone and a set of traffic lights. The traffic cone costume was simply an orange T-shirt with rows of silver duct tape on it and a cone shaped hat. Simple, but effective, and loads of fun.

For more information on road safety and all things traffic cones, check out the rest of our blog.