Safety Barriers

Safety Barriers can significantly reduce the risk of accidents by restricting pedestrian and vehicular access to potentially dangerous environments, such as roadworks, construction sites, industrial facilities, and off-limits areas. They are essential for preventing crowd crush injuries at sports venues, concerts, festivals, and mass events, and they play a vital role in workplace safety. At, you’ll find safety barriers to suit every application, with pedestrian barriers, road barriers, crowd control barriers, traffic barriers, and heavy-duty site barriers available to purchase now in our online collection. We stock HDPE safety barriers, galvanised metal barriers, and water-fillable Evo traffic barriers for indoor and outdoor installations, along with a wide selection of interlocking low-level containment barriers for creating secure perimeters around corners and bends. Whether you are looking for road safety barriers to redirect traffic during roadworks, pedestrian safety barriers to protect the public from vehicles, sports venue barriers to prevent crowd surges at stadiums and events, or construction site safety barriers to keep unauthorised individuals away from potential hazards like heavy machinery, open excavations, or falling debris, you’ll find them here. Shop our safety barrier collection today.

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