Road Traffic Barriers

Road traffic barriers, also known as road safety barriers, play a crucial role in preventing accidents, minimising injuries, and maintaining traffic flow around construction sites and roadworks. They are essential in modern road infrastructure, contributing to overall road safety and transport efficiency in many settings. At, you’ll find road traffic barriers in various materials and sizes to complement every application and environment, with water-filled barriers, plastic road barriers, concrete road barriers, and self-weighted barriers available in our best-selling range. We stock crash-tested road traffic barriers for barricading high-impact zones, low-level containment barriers for traffic management and delineation around corners and bends, and interlocking Evo barriers that you can fill with water or sand for a solid road traffic barrier. Many of our road traffic barriers are fully stackable for storage when not in use and made from UV-stabilised polyethylene to withstand all weather conditions. They are ideal for shielding spectators at sporting and motoring events, essential for protecting pedestrians around roadwork sites, and highly effective at separating lanes of traffic for improved road safety. Find great-value road traffic barriers for your project in our online collection today.

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