Traffic Calming

At, you’ll find various Traffic Calming measures to improve road safety, reduce noise levels, enhance air quality, and create a safer, more pleasant environment in urban and residential zones. We’re a leading supplier of traffic calming products to reduce vehicle speeds in pedestrian-friendly areas, with traffic calming humps, traffic calming signage, cable protection ramps, and kerb ramps available in our traffic calming range. The overall goal of traffic calming is slow down vehicular traffic. While it is primarily used outside schools, inside shopping areas, and throughout residential zones to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and pets, it is suitable for many applications. Traffic calming measures are often implemented in car parks, commercial areas with heavy footfall, and high-traffic roads close to residential areas to reduce accident rates, noise levels, and air pollution. They are also used for slowing traffic around roadworks, enforcing speed limits, and helping pedestrians safely cross busy roads. Whatever your traffic calming needs, you’ll find it at Explore our comprehensive online selection now.

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