Pedestrian Barriers

Pedestrian barriers, also known as crowd control barriers, are temporary structures designed to guide and manage the flow of pedestrian traffic in public areas. They play a vital role in protecting people at concerts, festivals, and mass events by reducing the risk of overcrowding and crowd surges, and they can help maintain order in construction, roadworks, and industrial environments by restricting access to unauthorised areas. Pedestrian barriers are commonly used in construction and roadwork projects to direct foot traffic from potential risks and hazards. In professional working sites, they can reduce the risk of collision between employees and moving vehicles. They are essential for protecting the public in a wide range of environments, and a, you'll find the perfect pedestrian barrier for any application. Shop our collection for HDPE pedestrian barriers, galvanised metal pedestrian barriers, HDPE crowd barriers, and high-vis Firmus pedestrian barriers you can install and remove in minutes. We also stock heavy-duty site barriers for those looking for a more permanent pedestrian barrier system. Our traffic control pedestrian barriers, construction site pedestrian barriers, and event pedestrian barriers are quick to assemble, easy to install, and supplied with a warranty for peace of mind.

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