The Different Types of Safety Barriers


Safety barriers have many uses and there are different types for different locations and situations. Want to know which you should opt for on your site or workplace? Here’s our guide to the different types of safety barriers.

Safety barriers: The ultimate multi-taskers

Warning people about hazards. Directing people and traffic along safe routes. Protecting people and stock, crowd and car park control. Safety barriers have many uses, and that’s why there’s a different barriers to suit every need and situation.

You’ll find some are more suited to the outdoors but are equally as effective indoors. Some are made from heavy-duty steel while others are made from lightweight yet durable polyethylene. Then there are options for short-term and longer-term use. The number of options and choices can seem dizzying. But we’ve made your buying decision easier. Here’s our in-a-nutshell guide to the different types of safety barriers.

Types of safety barriers

Pedestrian safety barriers

Designed to highlight a safe route for pedestrians on a work site, workplace, at a public event, or where there are roadworks. These barriers are visible, durable, and easy to move and set up.

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Our Galvanised Metal Pedestrian Barrier makes crowd control easy and our Orange 2 Metre Firmus Safety Barrier creates a protective wall for anyone on foot.

Work barriers

Safety barriers protect workers who are carrying out roadwork or any other maintenance job where an area needs to be cordoned off.

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Our Blow Moulded HDPE Barrier is made from bright orange plastic and has red and white reflective panels. This makes it visible to motorists and pedestrians during the day or night.

Traffic barriers

You’ll find several types of road traffic barriers in our range. There’s a product for you whether you need barriers to separate traffic from pedestrians or direct traffic through a road closure.

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Our Water Fillable Evo Traffic Barrier 1.5m creates a solid wall of protection. Fill them with sand or water and they’ll create a strong and stable system for managing traffic.

When you see all the different types of safety barriers, choosing the best kind for your needs can feel confusing. But by reading our helpful guide (or speaking to our team if you have any more questions) you’ll see it doesn’t have to be.

Our safety barriers are intelligent and intuitive yet simple to set up and use. As you would expect from a high-quality supplier, our barriers meet all the relevant safety standards for your peace of mind. Putting safety first doesn’t need to be difficult.

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